Get FREE Microsoft Azure account if you are a student!

Good news for global students!  If you are a student (current active student having a .edu email account), you can get a FREE Azure cloud computing account from Microsoft today!   The free account includes: Free Azure Web App Service Free MySQL Database from ClearDB Free App Insights Free VS Online Servce With these, you can[…]


Automatic Image and Video Tagging

It’s a hot research area to automatically generate description or tag for images and videos.  How can machine “understand” an image or a video?  In this blog post, I curate the most popular and current approaches (most of them are presented in CVPR 2015) to tackle this challenge.   Approach 1: Multiple Instance Learning (MIL)[…]


Microsoft announces Visual Studio 2015 final release date: July 20th

S. Somasegar, CVP of Microsoft Developer Division, made an important announcement in his blog: Visual Studio 2015, Team Foundation Server 2015, and .NET Framework 4.6 will be released on July 20th, 9 days before the Windows 10 release (July 29th). Visual Studio 2015 is a big release.  It is opening up to developers targeting new[…]


Hands-on Lab: Unsupervised Learning in Azure Machine Learning

Download the Lab This lab explores unsupervised learning in Azure Machine Learning and how to deploy a predictive model as a web service. The lab will walk through copying an experiment from the Azure Machine Learning Gallery into the ML Studio, creating a scoring experiment, deploying a model as a web service, and interacting with[…]


Hands-on Lab: Text Analytics with R and Azure Machine Learning

Download the Lab This lab explores text analytics and R integration with Azure Machine Learning. It will walk through loading data from an external source, using R scripts in ML Studio, and common text analytics tasks and visualizations. Social media has become a very influential platform for companies, consumers, and professionals to express ideas and[…]


Get Started with Azure Machine Learning in 9 Easy Steps

Even if you have never done machine learning before, you can build and understand how to build a Machine Learning model and solve a real-world problem in only 9 steps!  In this blog post, I will walk through accessing the ML Studio environment, exploring and visualizing data in Azure Machine Learning, and creating a simple[…]


How to map a sub-domain to an Azure website

I have recently created a personal technical forum website in Microsoft Azure.  By default, Azure assigns a URL like this to the website: I own the domain   I want to use this lovely sub-domain: for my new forum website.   Here is how I mapped the sub-domain.   1. Add a CNAME entry[…]


How to customize and deploy an MVCForum website to Azure

I decided to create a personal technical forum in Microsoft Azure, using MVCForum, an open-source forum platform. The Microsoft Azure web app gallery does support MVCForum.  By following the wizard you can deploy the forum with just a few clicks.  But I am going to download the MVCForum source code, customize it and manually[…]


How to transfer your Azure website to a different Azure subscription

The Azure self-help portal does not allow you to transfer subscription.  You have to contact Microsoft Azure Support (click ‘Get support’). After signing in, choose ‘Billing’ in ‘Support Type’, and click ‘Create Ticket’. In the next page, choose ‘Account, Subscription and Account Portal Assistance’ in the ‘Problem type’, and choose ‘Transfer my account, subscription or[…]

image.png Source Code Download

Have you ever wondered how the well-known and were implemented?   Both are implemented using the Microsoft Project Oxford Face Algorithms. has been open-sourced in GitHub.  You can download a copy of its source code from here.     ———————————————— p.s.  Here is a fun post by Stephan after I shared[…]