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Business Intelligence (BI) Workflow

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BI system has 3 important phases, Collect, Analyze and View

  1. Collect data
    Data in an enterprise can be stored in various formats. Now these formats can vary from normalized structured RDBMS to excel sheets or probably unstructured file formats. So the first step in BI is to collect all these unstructured and scattered data and bring them in to one uniform format.a) Extract – In this step we read unorganized data from these sources by understanding their data structure.
    b) Transform – In this step we transform the data in to a standard format.
    c) Load – Finally we load the standard format in to a data warehouse and data mart.
  2. Analyze data
    Once the data is loaded in to Data ware house, you run tools, algorithms so that you can analyze and forecast information.
  3. View data
    Once you have analyzed the data you would like view it. Now again how people want to view data can vary from simple tabular format to complex graphical chart. So in this section we would need good reporting tools to achieve the same.

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