Computer Vision (CSE P576) Courseware and Calendar at University of Washington


The course calendar below gives the lecture topics, assignment and due dates for projects, as well as the readings and demos.

Week Topics Assignments
Week 1 Introduction [pdf] Images [pdf] Features [pdf]
Week 2 Edge Detection [pdf] Sampling [pdf] Project 1 assigned
Week 3 Cameras Mosaics [pdf]
Week 4 Mosaics (cont.) Projective geometry and single view modeling [pdf] Project 1 due Project 2 assigned
Week 5 Single View Modelling (cont.) Light, color, and reflection [pdf]
Week 6 Photometric stereo [pdf] Stereo [pdf] Project 2 due Project 3 assigned
Week 7 Motion [pdf] Segmentation [pdf]
Week 8 Recognition [pdf] Project 3 due Project 4 assigned
Week 9 Guest: Ricardo, Timelapses Guest: Carlos Hernandez, Lens Blur
Week 10 Structure from Motion [pdf] History of 3D vision [pdf] Project 4 due

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