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Best Face Detection and Recognition APIs in the Market

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Microsoft Project Oxford

Microsoft’s state-of-the-art cloud-based face algorithms to detect and recognize human faces in images. Your mobile and PC Apps will be powered with face capabilities.  It provides the following capabilities

  • Face Detection: To detect human faces in image with face rectangles and face attributes including face landmarks, pose, gender and age.
  • Face Verification: To check two faces belonging to same person or not, with confidence score.
  • Similar Face Searching: To find similar-looking faces from many faces by a query face.
  • Face Grouping: To organize many faces into face groups based on their visual similarity.
  • Face Identification: To search which specific person entity a query face belongs to, from user-provided person-face data.

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Face++ provides basic and enterprise services. Basic API service is 100% free.

  • Face Detection / Tracking:  Face++ face detection/tracking technology provides fast and accurate functions of face location detection. Our technology support both image and video, which can tackle multiple head poses and complicated illuminations.
  • Face Analysis: Face++ provides accurate technology of facial analysis, which can predict gender, age, race and expression from image and video. Our technology will benefit the advertisement and e-commerce community for accurate customer-oriented service with more than 96% gender accuracy.
  • Face Recognition: Face++ recognition technology can recognize persons’ identities automatically from image and video. Our technology is widely used in security, VIP recognition, photo tagging and face login.

Live demo:

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