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Laurie Frick: Turning Personal Big Data into Art

Laurie Frick: Turning Personal Big Data into Art
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Today I attended a presentation by Laurie Frick, a data artist exploring patterns of self-tracking sensors, surveillance, etc. Using her background in high-technology she offers an alternative view of privacy and a glimpse into the future of human data portraits with handmade installations from her personal data.  Her art is so amazing as to be sold out quickly.

I am inspired by her work.

  1. The art work is ‘personal’.  It originates from your own personal data.
  2. The art work tells your past story
  3. The art work predicts your future based on big data analysis
  4. And of course, the data visualization work is artistic and beautiful!  They are more abstract than the traditional data visualization technologies, e.g. charts and diagrams.  Thus the technology is currently mainly used for personal data, not business data.

To further develop this artistic technology, we discussed about ‘continuation’ – turning the static art into animation and be more real-time.
Laurie Frick holds an MFA from the New York Studio School, an MBA from the University of Southern California and studies at New York University’s ITP program. Frick recently was awarded residencies by Samsung Research, Neuroscience Research Center University of Texas, Headlands and Bemis Center. Frick’s talks and publications include Nature Publishing, Los Angeles Times, New Scientist, NPR, Creative Mornings and a TED talk at TEDxAustin. She has widely exhibited, with solo shows in New York, California and Texas. She is represented by Edward Cella in Los Angeles, and has an exhibition in May 2015 with Pavel Zoubok in New York.

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