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How to collect troubleshooting log in Windows Phone

How to collect troubleshooting log in Windows Phone
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My Windows Phone (Lumia Icon) has recently run into some trouble when I upgrade it from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows Phone 10 Preview.   It constantly reports the error “0x80070002” and fails the upgrade.

I contacted the Microsoft Support, and the support professional shared a useful troubleshooting tool for Windows Phone called “Field Medic”.



Here is how I used it to collect the troubleshooting log and sent it to the Microsoft Support:

  1. Launch Field Medic
  2. Select ‘Start Logging’
  3. Reproduce the problem.
    In my case, I hit the ‘Start’ button and go to Settings / Phone Update, and install the Windows Phone 10 preview update.   The installation process would automatically restart my Windows Phone.  Don’t worry.  The Field Medic logging is still running even after the phone restart.
  4. After I see the error, go back to Field Medic and select ‘Stop Logging’.   Don’t forget to stop logging!  Otherwise, you won’t get the complete log files.
  5. Give it a report title and short description and save the log.
  6. Connect your phone to a PC via USB
  7. Choose the option to launch the file explorer on the phone
  8. Navigate to PhoneDocumentsFieldMedicreports
  9. Choose the folder within the report, zip it and send it to the Microsoft Support.  Here is how the troubleshooting log files look like in my phone.

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