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How to transfer your Azure website to a different Azure subscription

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The Azure self-help portal does not allow you to transfer subscription.  You have to contact Microsoft Azure Support (click ‘Get support’).

After signing in, choose ‘Billing’ in ‘Support Type’, and click ‘Create Ticket’.

In the next page, choose ‘Account, Subscription and Account Portal Assistance’ in the ‘Problem type’, and choose ‘Transfer my account, subscription or data’ in ‘Category’, and continue.


Finally, fill out your contact information and submit the support ticket.  A Microsoft Support Professional will contact you to finish the transfer.



After you submit the support ticket, a Microsoft Support Professional will inform you about the following data-transfer prerequisite:

Please go through the data transfer pre-requisites and let us know if you have questions prior to confirming that we are approved to migrate your services to a new Subscription.

Note: There won’t be any downtime during the migration.  

  • We do not support selective service transfer; transfer only a selected hosted service, storage service from one subscription to another. This may become available in future but today, we must transfer all services or none. 
  • The source as well as destination subscription must be active.
  • The destination subscription must be completely empty. (We do have separate process to migrate to a subscription with services running, however it requires more time.)  
  • The source and destination subscriptions must have the same service administrator until the migration is complete.
  • The source and destination subscription cannot contain deployments/affinity groups with the same name.
  • There are some services that we cannot migrate and other services you will migrate yourself.  Please see the table below.
Azure can move:You must move:Unable to move:
Virtual MachinesActive DirectoryCache
Cloud ServicesSQL DBBizTalk Services
Web SitesVSOHD Insight
Media ServicesBackup
StorageHyper-V Recovery Manager
Multi Factor AuthenticationAzure Store
Traffic ManagerImport/Export
Mobile ServicesScheduler
Virtual NetworkManagement Services
Access Control Service (ACS)Azure Automation
Reserved IP Address + Reserved IPs under the listStorSimple
CDNExpress Route
SQL Azure Server and included DBs

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