How to map a sub-domain to an Azure website

I have recently created a personal technical forum website in Microsoft Azure.  By default, Azure assigns a URL like this to the website:

I own the domain   I want to use this lovely sub-domain: for my new forum website.   Here is how I mapped the sub-domain.


1. Add a CNAME entry for the sub-domain in the DNS hosting provider

I purchased the domain from, so I went to the godaddy management console.


I clicked the ‘Add Record’ link below, and points the sub-domain ‘ask’ to the Azure website ‘’, and ‘awverify.ask’ to ‘’

image image


2. Configure the Azure Website

Next, I went to the Azure portal to configure my Azure website.  I switched to the CONFIGURE panel of the ask-scott forum, and scroll down to the ‘domain names’ section.


Click ‘Manage domains’ and add ‘’ to the list.


After the changes are saved, the new sub-domain became live!

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