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How to Ask Bing to Index your Website

How to Ask Bing to Index your Website
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Yesterday, I shared how to teach Google to index your website using Google Search Console (aka. Google Webmaster Tools).   In this post, I will use Bing Webmaster Tools to pump my site discoverability in the Bing search engine.

Bing Webmaster Tools ( help to drive more visitors to your website using Bing data and tools.

First, I need to sign in Bing Webmaster Tools and add my site.

If you are a site owner like me, you would need to verify your ownership using one of the three options below.   Otherwise, you can tick the checkbox ‘I am an agency, not a site owner’.


After the successful verification, I can start to access the various Bing Webmaster Tools.    But similar to the situation in Google Webmaster Tools, in order to actually use most of these tools, I need to wait for Bing to process my website and make the diagnostic and other data available.  It could take several hours.


For example, Fetch as Bingbot allows me to see how the page’s code appears to Bing.


SEO Analyzer is helps you discover which areas of your page may need work to comply with SEO best practices.


You can use the Connected Pages tool to connect related web presences, such as your social media pages, app pages, image or video pages to your verified website and see their performance in our search results.


Bing Webmaster Tools also support API.  The Bing Webmaster API enables webmasters to programmatically access their webmaster information. This topic introduces the online documentation and additional resources that support use of the Bing Webmaster API.


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