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Best Freelancer Networks in the Job Market

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In the freelancer network, you can post your project (e.g. writing an article, create a website, develop a mobile app, etc) and receive competitive bids from freelancers within minutes.   Here are some top freelancer networks in the market.

With 15 Million registered users worldwide, and 8 Million projects posted of $2.4 Billion value.



With 3.6 Million freelancers worldwide, 100k jobs posted every month, and $1.5 Billion paid to freelancers in the network.

With 1.5 Million members worldwide, 1 Million jobs completed and over $200 million paid to gurus in the network.

With 9 Million registered freelancers, 4 Million registered clients, 3 Million jobs posted annually, and 1 Billion worth of work done every year.

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