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Christopher Bishop: The future of Machine Learning is “Machine Teaching”

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Christopher Bishop, a Distinguished Scientist from Microsoft, is leading an effort called ‘Machine Teaching’.  It will allow anyone to teach a computer how to do machine learning tasks, even if that person has no expertise in data analysis or computer science.  As machine learning becomes more widespread, more applications will start to leverage the power of machine learning.  However, it’s impractical to assume that every company who wants to personalize their apps will be able to hire a machine learning expert.  Being a real machine learning expert would cost many years’ effort, and therefore in today’s job market it’s very expensive to hire a Data Scientist.  The goal of “Machine Teaching” is to dramatically lower the entry bar of machine learning.  It helps people without a machine learning background teach their systems to get better based on experience.

Introducing the Microsoft Machine Teaching Group

The focus of the Machine Teaching Group is to make the process of training a machine easy, fast and universally accessible. This multi-disciplinary challenge lies at the intersection of Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization and Engineering.

  • Platform for Interactive Concept Learning (PICL)
    Quick interaction between a human teacher and a learning machine presents numerous benefits and challenges when working with web-scale data. The human teacher guides the machine towards accomplishing the task of interest. The system leverages big data to find examples that maximize the training value of its interaction with the teacher.
  • Crowdsourcing and Human Computation
    We are working toward a theoretical foundation of developing large-scale human-machine systems that combine the intelligence of human and the computing power of machine to solve the problems that are difficult to solve by either human or machine alone.
  • Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)
    LUIS offers a fast and effective way of adding language understanding to applications. With LUIS, you can use pre-existing, world-class, pre-built models whenever they suit your purposes -and when you need specialized models, LUIS guides you through the process of quickly building them.

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