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Fabienne Serriere: Hack the Knitting Machine

Fabienne Serriere: Hack the Knitting Machine
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Fabienne Serriere is a hardware hacker in Seattle.  She has spent the last five years modifying and open sourcing consumer knitting machine upgrades. She is now launching KnitYak, a custom textile manufacturing brand local to Seattle.

Yesterday on July 13th, Fabienne came to Microsoft and delivered an amazing technical talk about her work

The consumer knitting machine fad fizzled out in the early 90’s.  Fabienne and her peers are modifying 80’s machines to work with modern computers.  This has caused a resurgence in knitting machine popularity. The technical talk went into the history of knitting machine hacking over the last six years, and where custom, software defined, industrial knitting manufacturing is headed.

KnitYak is currently live on Kickstarter. All of the scarves and wraps for KnitYak are generated using elementary cellular automata and no two scarves are the same.


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