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New PowerShell Landing Page on MSDN

New PowerShell Landing Page on MSDN
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The Windows PowerShell Team at Microsoft just launched its new landing page on MSDN

The new landing page brings you direct access to the four key resources of PowerShell:

  • Windows Management Framework (WMF) – contains the latest version of PowerShell, DSC, WMI, and WinRM.
  • PowerShell Gallery – a nuget-based gallery where you can find new PowerShell modules and DSC resources, and learn how to download/install them using PowerShellGet.
  • PowerShell Blog – the latest news and content about PowerShell.
  • PowerShell on GitHub – some PowerShell projects such as Script Analyzer have been open-sourced on GitHub.


In the next couple of weeks, the team will be polishing some aspects of the site and adding some additional content to showcase some highlights of the community ecosystem.


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