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Tips to Host a Successful Twitter Chat Event

Tips to Host a Successful Twitter Chat Event
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Many organizations use Twitter chat to connect with their audiences.  Twitter chat is more instant & interactive than the traditional email connections, and it is much cost effective than offline meetups.   However, it also requires lots of social skills to run a successful Twitter chat event.  Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Prepare well for the topic
    • Start with a more generic topic
    • Avoid topics that are controversial and sensitive.
    • Define a clear hashtag for your chat topic.
    • Define the outcomes of the Twitter chat and align the topic with the goal.  What are the goals of the event?  To increase awareness of certain product?  To support/answer users’ questions?  etc
  • Set up the event
    • Create a Tweetvite page.   Tweetvite makes it easy to create invitations for events you’re hosting or to find local Tweetups in your area.  You can also track the number of visitors and participations.
    • Make sure you have a social media expert to host the chat event.
    • Prepare predefined answers for unfriendly tweets / messages that you can anticipate.
    • Prepare for situations where your audience may enter a heated debate on topics that do not benefit you.
    • Leverage all channels you have to promote the chat event:  Facebook, Linkedin, email, blogs, portals, etc.
  • During the event
    • As the host, don’t leave any questions unanswered.
    • As the host, don’t debate / argue with the audience.   If you cannot agree on something, you’d better say ‘We heard your voice and will pass it to the team.’.  Then follow up with the individual offline later.
    • As the host, don’t over-promise if you are not sure.

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