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Microsoft just Released Team Foundation Server 2015 RTM

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Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2015 RTM had her debute yesterday on the Visual Studio news homepage.

What can Team Foundation Server do for me?

Team Foundation Server 2015 is an enterprise-grade server for teams to share code, track work, and ship software — for any language, all in a single package.  It’s the perfect complement to your IDE.

TFS 2015 provides the collaboration hub at the center of the Microsoft Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solution. By automating the software delivery process, entire teams can track team actions, transactions, and project artifacts such as requirements, tasks, bugs, source code, build results, and test results. Collaborate, manage your repositories and automate build processes. Your team might be small and just getting started, but with Team Foundation Server, even the smallest team can go big.  Here are some key benefits from TFS 2015:

  • Unlimited, private and secure Version control system.
    You can use Team Foundation version control (TFVC) for one massively scalable repo, or multiple Git repositories for maximum flexibility.
  • Tools for agile teams (Kanban, Scrum, dashboards)
  • Continuous integration
    Catch quality issues early with continuous integration (CI) builds that compile and test your application automatically after any code change. Use continuous delivery to automatically deploy applications or websites that pass tests or model your release pipelines to match your existing release processes.
  • Support almost all programming languages and IDEs (VS, Eclipse, Xcode, and more)
    Use your favorite language and development tool. Version control supports any language, as well as any Git client (including Xcode). Java teams can access code and work items through a free plugin for Eclipse – and run continuous integration builds based on config files from Ant or Mavin.
  • Integration & Extensibility
    TFS can be easily integrated with various platforms such as Github.   It also supports extensibility so you can customize it to meet your unique requirements.  You can even integrate TFS with your custom tool or third-party service using open standards like REST APIs and OAuth 2.0.

Where to Download?

Team Foundation Server 2015 Express is a limited version of TFS.   It is great for small teams of up to five users.  It’s free, but it lacks many advanced functions that the full version has.   For example,

  • Must have own hardware or virtual machine
  • Not accessible from anywhere
  • Supports Basic installation only
  • Limited Agile Project management features and tools
  • No Reporting Integration
  • No SharePoint Integration
  • Supports only SQL Server Express Edition
  • Installed on one machine. Can’t scale out
  • Doesn’t support TFS Proxy
  • Excludes Preemptive analytics add-on
  • Need to manage your own database backups and downtimes in case of hardware failure
  • Buy license for the Operating System and CALs if required

The MVP Ahmed Al-Asaad has a blog article that compares TFS Express with the TFS full edition.


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