#cplusplus Weekly 20150817 – The Top New C++ Content of the Week

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Here is a roundup of C++ content from this past week ordered by their social sharing volume.  I gather the most shared C++ content in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

“Researchers win Internet Defense Prize for C++ detection tool”
A team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the US have picked up this year’s Internet Defense Prize for their work on identifying a new class of C++ vulnerabilities through a new detection tool.

Publish date: 8/13/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
22 47 9 9

“DataStax C/C++ Driver: 2.1 GA released!”
We are pleased to announce the 2.1 GA release of the C/C++ driver for Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. The features of this release and the beta complete all the necessary functionality to take full advantage of Apache Cassandra 2.1 and DataStax Enterprise 4.7. In addition to the features included in the beta release, the 2.1 GA adds support for client-side timestamps and the full range of stream IDs. This release also brings support for retry polices, idle connection heartbeats, the API now exposes the raw paging state token, the ability to disable schema metadata and several internal improvements.

Publish date: 8/12/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
19 2 4 0

“C++ Programming Tutorial For Beginners: Learn C++ in 2 hours – Udemy Coupon – Udemy 100% off Udemy coupon”
Discover C++ Programming Fundamental principles in just two hours. Zero Programming expertise expected. Merely the Top tutorial to C++ .

Publish date: 8/12/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
1 5 0 1

“C++ programmer (Terraria)”
Codeglue is looking for a talented full-time C++ programmer. You will be working with the other programmers on the Terraria team. We are looking for generalist programmer, a programmer that can pick up any part of game development. From gameplay to engine, from UI to back-end.
Working at Codeglue means working in an informal studio with plenty of after-hours social activities. Next to our projects we also host internal game jams a couple of times a year.

Publish date: 8/12/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
10 134 0 0

“Learn C++ by designing a game | ChalkStreet”
C++ is a general purpose programming language and was developed by BjarneStroustrup at At&T Bell Labs. Not many know that in addition to software development, C++ is also used in gaming and in particular, to build console video games.

Publish date: 8/16/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
0 55 0 0

“Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ | eduCBA”
Structure means arranging or organizing the elements into a particular way. When we say we have to arrange elements, those elements can be organized in different forms. For example socks can be arranged in various different ways. You can just keep it in your cupboard all messed up. Or you can keep it neatly folded. The best way can be folding and arranging them color wise. So for searching a particular pair of socks third arrangement is perfect.

Publish date: 8/10/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
17 0 0 1

“[C++] validation for loop – Pastebin.com”
validation for loop

Publish date: 8/13/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
0 3 0 0

“Learning Boost C++ Libraries – EbookZeek.com – Download Ebooks”
If you are a C++ programmer who has never used Boost libraries before, this book will get you up-to-speed with using them. Whether you are developing new C++ software or maintaining existing code written using Boost libraries, this hands-on introduction will help you decide on the right library and techniques to solve your practical programming problems.

Publish date: 8/14/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
3 0 0 0

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