#HoloLens Weekly 20150825 – The Best New HoloLens Content of the Week

Welcome to #HoloLens Weekly!


Here is a roundup of HoloLens content from this past week ordered by their social sharing volume. I gather the most shared HoloLens content in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

“Microsoft IT Showcase app claims Hololens support”
Neowin reports that one of the first app to explicitly support Microsoft’s Hololens augmented reality computer is now available in the store.

Publish date: 8/24/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
24 7 0 8

“The first Microsoft app to show support for HoloLens is now in the App store”
Microsoft is working on a new type of computing device called HoloLens which will bring holograms to the world around you. While we do not know when this device will be released to consumers, what appears to be the first app that is targeted at this device, is now in Microsoft’s App store.

Publish date: 8/23/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
78 36 5 6

“HoloLens release date: Developers’ version to be released in 2016”
Being the first augmented-reality device ever created, Microsoft’s HoloLens has become a much-awaited device for the public, but its exact release date is still uncertain.

Publish date: 8/25/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
23 2 0 0
“HoloLens Demo (Minecraft) (Xbox One) – E3 2015 (Microsoft HoloLens)”
Microsoft HoloLens demo delves into Minecraft footage.

Publish date: 8/21/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
13 0 0 0

“A holographic Future.. Microsoft Hololens – Your Solutions”
Some of you may or may not know about the Microsoft Hololens. If you don’t, then you are seriously missing out. This absolutely beautiful tool is not only the future but truly amazing. The Hololens now means you no longer have to sit with a laptop to work and do brilliant things, you can walk around and create things with an air swipe of your hand. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Well that’s because it is. Those of you who have read my blogs will know I am a Microsoft fan (Whoop team Microsoft!) so I have got excited about some of their latest releases. But this, this is just on another planet. Or at least will make you feel like you are.

Publish date: 8/19/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
1 2 0 0

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