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Microsoft Open-Sources its Build System on GitHub Today

Microsoft Open-Sources its Build System on GitHub Today
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Today, Microsoft announced that its build system called ‘MSBuild’ is open-sourced on GitHub and part of the .NET Foundation.   The sources on GitHub are closely aligned with the version that ships with Visual Studio:

So What’s MSBuild and its purpose?

MSBuild is the build platform that enables all build activity in the Visual Studio world.   For example, the .csproj files (every C# project) are MSBuild files.  MSBuild enables you to automate the builds.

Immediately after open-sourcing, Microsoft started work on a version of MSBuild that runs on Linux and Mac using the Mono software platform.

MSBuild is another big move in Microsoft open-sourcing its software.  Before today, Microsoft open-sourced its .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”), .NET, and the ASP.NET 5 Runtime as well.



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