Microsoft Open-Sources its Build System on GitHub Today

Today, Microsoft announced that its build system called ‘MSBuild’ is open-sourced on GitHub and part of the .NET Foundation.   The sources on GitHub are closely aligned with the version that ships with Visual Studio.

So What’s MSBuild and its purpose?

MSBuild is the build platform that enables all build activity in the Visual Studio world.   For example, the .csproj files (every C# project) are MSBuild files.  MSBuild enables you to automate the builds.

Immediately after open-sourcing, Microsoft started work on a version of MSBuild that runs on Linux and Mac using the Mono software platform.

MSBuild is another big move in Microsoft open-sourcing its software.  Before today, Microsoft open-sourced its .NET Compiler Platform (“Roslyn”), .NET, and the ASP.NET 5 Runtime as well.


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