How to unpublish / hide / delete an app in Windows Store

As a Windows Store app developer, I decide to unpublish / hide one of my sample application called ‘Windows Calculator (Windows 10 Code Sample)’.   The app unpublishing process is not so obvious in the new Windows Dev Dashboard.  Here is how I did it today.


1. Log into the Windows Dev Dashboard ( and find my app to be unpublished.

2. Go to submissions and click ‘Update’ to create a new submission

3. Click ‘Pricing and availability’


4. Go to ‘Distribution and visibility’ and click ‘Show options’.


5. Choose ‘Hide this app and stop selling’ to unpublish it.


If you also want to delete the app from the Windows Dev Dashboard, you need to delete any pending submissions first. (There is a ‘delete’ button to the right of your submission title)


Next, you will have the option to delete the app from your dashboard.


3 thoughts on “How to unpublish / hide / delete an app in Windows Store

  • As well, Microsoft has forced the publication to us of an appliation we did not want: “Candy Crush Saga”, which is now in “our” Library even if we have uninstalled it (never wanted it) and don’t want it any more (not even in updates).

    We should not see these unwanted apps that we have never opted in. We should be able to hide them completely from “our” Windows Store Library (which is NOT the library of Microsoft or of its advertizing partners).

    And if it happens that we install an app that we consider bad after trying it, we should be able to eliminate it and mark it as “bad” and unwanted, not listed in “our” library, but possibly only in an history keeping some flag that we no longer want it.
    There should NEVER be a “download” icon listed there (for now the Library wants to reinstall these deleted apps we don’t want, this should not be possible by default).

    Microsoft needs to better tune the Windows Store library for what “we” really want (or don’t want to see)

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