Windows 10 Nav Pane App Template for Visual Studio 2015

I just published a new Windows 10 Nav Pane App Template for Visual Studio 2015.


A navigation pane (or just “nav” pane) is a pattern that allows for many top-level navigation items while conserving screen real estate. The nav pane is widely used for mobile apps, but also works well on larger screens. When used as an overlay, the pane remains collapsed and out-of-the way until the user presses the button, which is handy for smaller screens. When used in its docked mode, the pane remains open, which allows greater utility if there’s enough screen real estate.

Almost all Microsoft first party apps in Windows 10 follow this ‘Nav Pane’ design.  For example, the Windows Calculator app, the News app, etc.

windowscalculatorapp windows10newsapp

After installing the project template, you will discover the following new “Nav Pane App” option in the New Project Dialog.



The project compiles and runs like this:



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