#HoloLens Weekly 20150915 – The Best New HoloLens Content of the Week

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Here is a roundup of HoloLens content from this past week ordered by their social sharing volume. I manually gather the most shared HoloLens content in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

“NASA to Try Again in December to Send Microsoft’s HoloLens to Space | MIT Technology Review”
The rocket carrying two HoloLens headsets to the International Space Station blew up in June, and NASA is planning another launch.

Publish date: 9/8/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
695 1269 398 44

“Microsoft will try again to send two HoloLens headsets into space in December”
Microsoft’s trying again with the whole HoloLens in space thing. Two prototypes for the augmented reality headset are now scheduled to be among the cargo items inside a resupply rocket for the International Space Station that will be launched on December 3.

Publish date: 9/9/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
77 151 20 2

“NASA Still Hot For Hololens After SpaceX Rocket Crash”
NASA and the gaming industry are two sides of the same coin right? Not under usual circumstances, but then again, Microsoft’s Halogens project is nothing short of extraordinary. Although it has obvious, unique utility for gaming devices, the real breakthrough could come with NASA who hopes to use the device to transform how astronauts work in space. The aim is to make a science fiction dream like holographic coordination and operation, come true. Though NASA and Microsoft both have much to gain from the collaboration, they will first have to successfully transport the device to the space station. This proved easier said than done when such an attempt failed with the explosion of the SpaceX rocket in June, which carried two Hololens devices bound for the space station.

Publish date: 9/10/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
1 3 0 0

“Microsoft Hololens | IoT – IOT Newz”
Microsoft Hololens opens up new possibilities for makers and IoT sector

Publish date: 9/10/2015
Social sharing volume in the past week:
0 1 0 0

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