Add Custom Post Types to WordPress RSS feed

By default, WordPress feed only contains your ‘post’ content.  For example http://scottge.net/feed has only my blogs posts.  My ‘product’ (custom post type) content is not in the feed. 1. If you want to have a feed for one custom post type, you can use http://<yourwebsite>.com/feed/?post_type=yourcustomposttype.  For example, http://scottge.net/feed/?post_type=product is the feed of my ‘products’. 2.[…]


#SQLServer Weekly 20151005 – the Best New SQL Server Content of the Week

  • Enhanced Map with Custom Geography (SQL Server-compatible via WKT/STAsText)
  • SQL Server: Migrations/Upgrades – 10 Things to Think About | Official Pythian Blog | Pythian®
  • Bye bye 32-bit (X86) SQL Server components!
  • Troubleshooting SQL Server : Do You Use These Shortcuts?
  • Exploring the Crucial Five Must-Have SQL Server Tools for DBAs | HostReview.com

#PowerShell Weekly 20151005 – The Best New PowerShell Content of the Week

  • Changing Service Credentials Using PowerShell
  • How-to Uninstall Windows 10 Apps With Powershell – ESX Virtualization
  • PowerShell 5.0 Just Enough Administration (JEA) Part 1: Understanding JEA and Configuring the Demo Toolkit
  • A Quick PowerShell Tutorial: Adding a Hyper-V Custom View
  • Practicing PowerShell with Veeam
  • All ways to open PowerShell in Windows 10

#ML Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Machine Learning Content of the Week

  • More-flexible machine learning
  • Machine learning helps build better applications
  • Machine learning powers Splunk’s rise | #BigDataNYC
  • Qualcomm Showcases Machine Learning On A Snapdragon SoC | Androidheadlines.com
  • Microsoft + Machine Learning Can Help You Look Younger #StrataHadoop
  • Qualcomm Demos Server-Class Machine Learning with Zeroth – xda-developers

#VisualStudio Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Visual Studio Content of the Past Week

  • Getting started with Visual Studio Code (VSC) on Linux
  • 31 Days of Visual Studio 2015 Tricks and Treats – Falafel Software Blog
  • Null-Conditional Operators – Day 2 – Visual Studio 2015
  • Python Tools for Visual Studio
  • Auto Property Initializers – Day 4 – Visual Studio 2015 – Falafel Software Blog
  • Creating an ASP.NET 5 site with Visual Studio Code – Part 2: Create your Visual Studio Code project using Yeoman – Tobias Zimmergren’s thoughts on technology and business

#JavaScript Weekly 20151005 – The Best New JavaScript Content of the Week

  • HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive with jQuery
  • 10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know — JavaScript Scene
  • Mobile advertising DDoS JavaScript drip serves site with 4.5 billion hits
  • nginScript – why create our own JavaScript implementation?
  • Creating Desktop Applications With AngularJS and GitHub Electron
  • Real-time Applications with AngularJS and Java – Part 2

#Hadoop Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • Hadoop Open Data Platform moves under Linux Foundation’s wing | ZDNet
  • MapR Drafts JSON To Work With Hadoop – InformationWeek
  • Hadoop reporting gets one step closer to self-service big data
  • Top 5 reasons to consider a different SQL on Hadoop solution like HP Vertica
  • MapR-DB adds native JSON support to cut Hadoop data shuffling | ZDNet

#Ch9 Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Channel 9 Content of the Past Week

  • Building the Internet of Things with Doug Seven (Channel 9)
  • Episode 188: IoT Hub with Elio Damaggio and Olivier Bloch (Channel 9)
  • Office Dev Show – Episode 13 – Getting Started with NodeJS (Channel 9)
  • Journey to the intelligent cloud (Channel 9)
  • What’s up with Spark(1/5) – Spark Architecture (Channel 9)
  • Using ExpressRoute with Office 365 (Channel 9)

#cplusplus Weekly 20151005 – The Best New C++ Content of the Week

  • Guidelines Take the Garbage Out of Embedded C++
  • Operations on Character Array & Properties of Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • C++ / Qt Developer – Job in Armenia
  • Various Sorting Techniques & Properties of Object Oriented Programming using c++
  • [C++] Blocking Chat Server – Pastebin.com
  • [C++] irgendwas::irgendwas() { print(die schelle seines vadders); irgendwas: – Pastebin.com