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Batch convert .flac files to .mp3 and keep the original music metadata

Batch convert .flac files to .mp3 and keep the original music metadata
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Yesterday a friend asked for my help to batch-convert a folder of .flac music files to .mp3 files.  The original files come with the music metadata such as Contributing artists, Album, etc.

He wants to keep those metadata in the output mp3 files.

I did some research and here is my free solution in Windows:

Step 1. Download the free, open-source project: ffmpeg.   It is a complete, cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video files.  After downloading the latest build, unzip the package.

Step 2. Add the folder of ffmpeg to the PATH environment variable so that it’s easier to use the tool from Windows Command line.

Step 3. Launch a Windows Command line (cmd.exe), and navigate to the folder that has all the .flac files.  Run the following command in the console:

FOR %I IN (*.flac) DO ffmpeg -i “%I” -ab 320k -map_metadata 0 -id3v2_version 3 “%~nI.mp3”

After a short while, all .flac files will be converted to .mp3, with the music metadata.

    I’m a Program Manager at Microsoft (MSFT), and a part-time computer science master student in University of Washington (UW).

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