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Windows 10 Virtual Labs for IT Pros

Windows 10 Virtual Labs for IT Pros
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Designed specifically to address the top Windows 10 deployment blockers faced by IT professionals and Microsoft partners, ten battle-tested virtual labs are now available to help you land the value of Windows 10 security and Windows as a service for the IT pro—and we’ll be adding more in the months to come!

Labs currently available:

  • Deploy and manage Windows as a service
  • Deploy Windows Information Protection
  • Deploy Device Guard
  • Deploy Credential Guard
  • Enable and secure a remote workforce by joining Windows 10 to Azure Active Directory
  • Simplify Windows 10 deployment by using provisioning packages
  • Upgrade in place to Windows 10 by using MDT and Configuration Manager
  • Customize the Windows 10 Start menu and taskbar during deployment
  • Set up Windows Store for Business to deploy apps in your enterprise
  • Use Internet Explorer Enterprise Mode to fix compatibility issues

You can visit for a one-stop shop for Windows 10 virtual labs.



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