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Scott Ge
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My name is Scott Ge. I’m a Program Manager at Microsoft (MSFT), and a part-time computer science master student in University of Washington (UW). I have passion for all computer technologies. I want to empower people to do more using these technologies.

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2007 - 2017

Program Manager
Microsoft Corp

I became the Program Manager of the Microsoft MVP website from Oct, 2015.   It is a website that hosts 3000 world-renowned Microsoft MVPs and ten thousand retired MVPs.  Earlier than that, I was the Program Manager of Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework, internally known as “OneCode”, and Bing Developer Assistant.

Education Highlights

2014 - 2018

Master in Computer Science
University of Washington

2003 - 2007

Bachelor in Computer Science
Shanghai Jiao Tong University

I studied computer science in Shanghai Jiao Tong University – one of the top computer science colleges in China.  I also picked English as my 2nd major, and passed TEM8 (Test for English Major Students Level 8).  In my spare time, I served as the minister in the Network department of Student Union.