Microsoft announces the new “Microsoft Teams” competing with Slack

Rajesh Jha, EVP of the Microsoft Office Product Group, announces the new “Microsoft Teams” this morning. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365.  Microsoft Teams is an entirely new experience that brings together people, conversations, content, and the tools teams need to collaborate and achieve more together. Microsoft Teams is a digital translation[…]

Microsoft Surface Dial Code Samples

Microsoft announced Surface Dial in yesterday’s Windows event.   Here are some code samples for Surface Dial that demonstrate what developers can do with Surface Dial. Surface Dial UWP sample This sample shows how to use the RadialController class to create custom menu items for a Surface Dial device, control the haptic feedback, and[…]


Add Custom Post Types to WordPress RSS feed

By default, WordPress feed only contains your ‘post’ content.  For example has only my blogs posts.  My ‘product’ (custom post type) content is not in the feed. 1. If you want to have a feed for one custom post type, you can use http://<yourwebsite>.com/feed/?post_type=yourcustomposttype.  For example, is the feed of my ‘products’. 2.[…]


#SQLServer Weekly 20151005 – the Best New SQL Server Content of the Week

  • Enhanced Map with Custom Geography (SQL Server-compatible via WKT/STAsText)
  • SQL Server: Migrations/Upgrades – 10 Things to Think About | Official Pythian Blog | Pythian®
  • Bye bye 32-bit (X86) SQL Server components!
  • Troubleshooting SQL Server : Do You Use These Shortcuts?
  • Exploring the Crucial Five Must-Have SQL Server Tools for DBAs |

#PowerShell Weekly 20151005 – The Best New PowerShell Content of the Week

  • Changing Service Credentials Using PowerShell
  • How-to Uninstall Windows 10 Apps With Powershell – ESX Virtualization
  • PowerShell 5.0 Just Enough Administration (JEA) Part 1: Understanding JEA and Configuring the Demo Toolkit
  • A Quick PowerShell Tutorial: Adding a Hyper-V Custom View
  • Practicing PowerShell with Veeam
  • All ways to open PowerShell in Windows 10

#ML Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Machine Learning Content of the Week

  • More-flexible machine learning
  • Machine learning helps build better applications
  • Machine learning powers Splunk’s rise | #BigDataNYC
  • Qualcomm Showcases Machine Learning On A Snapdragon SoC |
  • Microsoft + Machine Learning Can Help You Look Younger #StrataHadoop
  • Qualcomm Demos Server-Class Machine Learning with Zeroth – xda-developers

#VisualStudio Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Visual Studio Content of the Past Week

  • Getting started with Visual Studio Code (VSC) on Linux
  • 31 Days of Visual Studio 2015 Tricks and Treats – Falafel Software Blog
  • Null-Conditional Operators – Day 2 – Visual Studio 2015
  • Python Tools for Visual Studio
  • Auto Property Initializers – Day 4 – Visual Studio 2015 – Falafel Software Blog
  • Creating an ASP.NET 5 site with Visual Studio Code – Part 2: Create your Visual Studio Code project using Yeoman – Tobias Zimmergren’s thoughts on technology and business

#JavaScript Weekly 20151005 – The Best New JavaScript Content of the Week

  • HTML/JS: Making webpages interactive with jQuery
  • 10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know — JavaScript Scene
  • Mobile advertising DDoS JavaScript drip serves site with 4.5 billion hits
  • nginScript – why create our own JavaScript implementation?
  • Creating Desktop Applications With AngularJS and GitHub Electron
  • Real-time Applications with AngularJS and Java – Part 2

#Hadoop Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • Hadoop Open Data Platform moves under Linux Foundation’s wing | ZDNet
  • MapR Drafts JSON To Work With Hadoop – InformationWeek
  • Hadoop reporting gets one step closer to self-service big data
  • Top 5 reasons to consider a different SQL on Hadoop solution like HP Vertica
  • MapR-DB adds native JSON support to cut Hadoop data shuffling | ZDNet