#SQLServer Weekly 20151005 – the Best New SQL Server Content of the Week

  • Enhanced Map with Custom Geography (SQL Server-compatible via WKT/STAsText)
  • SQL Server: Migrations/Upgrades – 10 Things to Think About | Official Pythian Blog | Pythian®
  • Bye bye 32-bit (X86) SQL Server components!
  • Troubleshooting SQL Server : Do You Use These Shortcuts?
  • Exploring the Crucial Five Must-Have SQL Server Tools for DBAs | HostReview.com

#ML Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Machine Learning Content of the Week

  • More-flexible machine learning
  • Machine learning helps build better applications
  • Machine learning powers Splunk’s rise | #BigDataNYC
  • Qualcomm Showcases Machine Learning On A Snapdragon SoC | Androidheadlines.com
  • Microsoft + Machine Learning Can Help You Look Younger #StrataHadoop
  • Qualcomm Demos Server-Class Machine Learning with Zeroth – xda-developers

#Hadoop Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • Hadoop Open Data Platform moves under Linux Foundation’s wing | ZDNet
  • MapR Drafts JSON To Work With Hadoop – InformationWeek
  • Hadoop reporting gets one step closer to self-service big data
  • Top 5 reasons to consider a different SQL on Hadoop solution like HP Vertica
  • MapR-DB adds native JSON support to cut Hadoop data shuffling | ZDNet

#BigData Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Big Data Content of the Week

  • Meet the Man Reinventing CIA for the Big Data Era
  • The Ethics of Big Data
  • Big Data Fails: How to Avoid Them – InformationWeek
  • Sydney restaurants using big data to build picture of who you are and what you eat
  • IBM Wants To Bring More IT To Big Data – InformationWeek
  • Can Data Algebra Make Big Data Faster And Cheaper? – InformationWeek

#SQLServer Weekly 20150915 – the Best New SQL Server Content of the Week

  • What’s new with Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular models in SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.3
  • How To Begin Your Career As a SQL Server DBA – udemy #SQL #DBA course – Udemy 100% off Udemy coupon
  • Monitoring and Visualizing SQL Server using System Center Operations Manager – System Center Central

#ML Weekly 20150915 – The Best New Machine Learning Content of the Week

  • Wandera uses machine learning to protect against new mobile security threats
  • Machine Learning and Its Impact on Cyber-Security – insideBIGDATA
  • Building Intelligence into your Apps with Azure Machine Learning with Corom Thompson (Channel 9)
  • Free 5-week course on data science and machine learning essentials begins Sept. 24 – WinBuzzer
  • Apple’s Quest for Machine Learning Services Bumps up against Privacy Protection – The Mac Observer

#Hadoop Weekly 20150915 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • Cloudera Aims to Replace MapReduce With Spark as Default Hadoop Framework | Data Center Knowledge
  • Hadoop spinner Cloudera lights Spark on MapReduce retirement
  • Make Hadoop More Resilient and Space Efficient with HDP and Nutanix
  • Cloudera Sees Spark Emerging As Hadoop Engine – InformationWeek
  • Inside Yellow Pages’ SQL-on-Hadoop Journey

#BigData Weekly 20150915 – The Best New Big Data Content of the Week

  • Big Data Analysis Reveals October is Best Month to Buy a Home in U.S.
  • The Impact of Internet of Things on Big Data
  • Big Data 50 – Companies Driving Innovation
  • Teaching big data processing with open source software
  • University of Michigan launches $100M ‘big data’ push
  • When Satellites and Big Data Collide
  • Can Big Data Help Us Fight Rising Suicide Rates?

SQL Script to Find Column from all tables in a SQL Server database

I’m working with huge databases these days.  I’m new to these databases, and it is impossible for me to get familiar with every table and every column right away.   From time to time, people ask me to do some queries based on certain column.  They just tell me the approximate column name.  I need to[…]


#ML Weekly 20150907 – The Best New Machine Learning Content of the Week

  • 15 Players that Use Machine Learning in FinTech Space – Let’s Talk Payments
  • Machine learning: Mainstream tools for your business | ZDNet
  • Auction site Trade Me trials machine learning in the cloud | ZDNet
  • Machine Learning Method: Semi-Supervised Clustering
  • FeatureFu: A Machine Learning Toolkit Released as Open Source by LinkedIn
  • Twitter Is Using Machine Learning to Improve Its Machine Learning

#SQLServer Weekly 20150907 – the Best New SQL Server Content of the Week

  • Now Hiring: Build Our SQL Server Triage Specialist Team (Remote Position) – Brent Ozar Unlimited®
  • Automating SQL Server Configuration with PowerShell and WMI
  • SQL Server 2016 – TempDB
  • Microsoft’s SQL Server 2016 CTP 2.3 now available to download – Petri
  • Retrieving Table Metadata from SQL Server Catalog Views
  • SQL Server Management Studio August 2015 Preview #SSMS

#Hadoop Weekly 20150907 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • The Five Attributes of Highly Successful Hadoop Deployments – insideBIGDATA
  • Opening the Door for Wider Hadoop Storage Strategies
  • SAP Combines In-Memory Engine With Hadoop
  • Strata + Hadoop World NY 2015 –
  • SAP Unveils New Cloud Platform Services and In-Memory Innovation on Hadoop to Accelerate Digital Transformation
  • Embracing Hadoop Data Lakes in the Modern Data Platform