#Hadoop Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • Hadoop Open Data Platform moves under Linux Foundation’s wing | ZDNet
  • MapR Drafts JSON To Work With Hadoop – InformationWeek
  • Hadoop reporting gets one step closer to self-service big data
  • Top 5 reasons to consider a different SQL on Hadoop solution like HP Vertica
  • MapR-DB adds native JSON support to cut Hadoop data shuffling | ZDNet

#BigData Weekly 20151005 – The Best New Big Data Content of the Week

  • Meet the Man Reinventing CIA for the Big Data Era
  • The Ethics of Big Data
  • Big Data Fails: How to Avoid Them – InformationWeek
  • Sydney restaurants using big data to build picture of who you are and what you eat
  • IBM Wants To Bring More IT To Big Data – InformationWeek
  • Can Data Algebra Make Big Data Faster And Cheaper? – InformationWeek

#Hadoop Weekly 20150915 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • Cloudera Aims to Replace MapReduce With Spark as Default Hadoop Framework | Data Center Knowledge
  • Hadoop spinner Cloudera lights Spark on MapReduce retirement
  • Make Hadoop More Resilient and Space Efficient with HDP and Nutanix
  • Cloudera Sees Spark Emerging As Hadoop Engine – InformationWeek
  • Inside Yellow Pages’ SQL-on-Hadoop Journey

#BigData Weekly 20150915 – The Best New Big Data Content of the Week

  • Big Data Analysis Reveals October is Best Month to Buy a Home in U.S.
  • The Impact of Internet of Things on Big Data
  • Big Data 50 – Companies Driving Innovation
  • Teaching big data processing with open source software
  • University of Michigan launches $100M ‘big data’ push
  • When Satellites and Big Data Collide
  • Can Big Data Help Us Fight Rising Suicide Rates?

#Hadoop Weekly 20150907 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

  • The Five Attributes of Highly Successful Hadoop Deployments – insideBIGDATA
  • Opening the Door for Wider Hadoop Storage Strategies
  • SAP Combines In-Memory Engine With Hadoop
  • Strata + Hadoop World NY 2015 –
  • SAP Unveils New Cloud Platform Services and In-Memory Innovation on Hadoop to Accelerate Digital Transformation
  • Embracing Hadoop Data Lakes in the Modern Data Platform

#BigData Weekly 20150907 – The Best New Big Data Content of the Week

  • The 3 Major Industries AI and Big Data Will Reshape This Decade – Singularity HUB
  • When Big Data Becomes Bad Data
  • EU official: Big data ‘here forever and in all sectors’
  • 5 big data analytics predictions for telecom – RCR Wireless News
  • Finding a Single Version of Truth Within Big Data
  • Big Data Mining in Call of Duty – Using Data to Improve Games | Gamers Nexus – Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchmarks

#Hadoop Weekly 20150901 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

“New and Updated Hortonworks Certification Exams: Upgrade your Hadoop chops”; “How Hadoop became the gold standard for managing Big Data | ITProPortal.com”; “Why Hadoop is the obvious choice for managing Big Data”; “Strata + Hadoop World – Get a 20% Discount”; “Metaphor of the Week: Hadoop Is Not Like a City”; “Big Data Developer – Hadoop – Cloudera – Pivotal – Hortonworks – ETL – Permanent – London – Market Rate + Pkg”;


#BigData Weekly 20150831 – The Best New Big Data Content of the Week

“Searching big data faster”; “Ten top languages for crunching Big Data”; “Why Gartner Dropped Big Data Off the Hype Curve”; “Sixers owner crunched big data before giving to PAL”; “Intel Invests $20M In Big Data Specialist BlueData – InformationWeek”; “Making the Case for the ‘Long-Tail’ of Big Data”; “Big Data for Marketing? You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet.”;


#Hadoop Weekly 20150826 – The Best New Hadoop Content of the Week

“​Top 100 Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers 2015”; “How Spark Democratizes Analytic Value from Hadoop Lakes”; “MapR Takes its Hadoop Distro to AWS”; “MapR’s Hadoop platform lands on AWS cloud”; “Business Suite On HANA + Hadoop – Things to know”; “[SAP HANA Academy] Live4 ERP Agility: SDI Hadoop Overview”; “Spring for Apache Hadoop 2.3 Milestone 2 released”;


#BigData Weekly 20150825 – The Best New Big Data Content of the Week

“The new tool colleges are using in admissions decisions: big data”; “Big Data Builds a Better ‘Help Wanted’ Ad”; “Five open source Big Data projects to watch | ZDNet”; “The Science Behind Big Data – insideBIGDATA”; “Economic Forecasts in the Age of Big Data”; “Colleges shift to using ‘big data’ — including from social media — in admissions decisions – The Hechinger Report”;


#BigData Weekly 20150818 – The Top New Big Data Content of the Week

Top New Content of the Week: “Misconfigured Big Data apps are leaking data like sieves”; “SAPVoice: Should Big Data Be Used To Measure Employee Productivity?”; “BDAS Analytics Suite Blends Big Data With HR – InformationWeek”; “Where DCIM Software and Big Data Meet | Data Center Knowledge”; “Big Data Means Big Risks”; “Bi isn’t big data and big data isn’t BI”;


#Hadoop Weekly 20150818 – The Top New Hadoop Content of the Week

Top New Content of the Week: “SQL-On-Hadoop Evaluation by Pearson – Qubole”; “A Business User’s Guide to Big Data on Hadoop – Bigstep Blog”; “Don’t Throw Hadoop at Every BI Challenge”; “What are the Advantages of the Hadoop 2.0 (YARN) Framework?”; “Open Enterprise Hadoop Roadshow Seminars: Coming to a City Near You”; “Utility and benefits of Hadoop in industry”;