A Complete List of Microsoft Azure Tools

Here comes the a long list of Azure tools, following the Web Development Tool list and the Windows Development Tool list. Management & Monitoring Tools Azure CLI (by Microsoft) – provides a set of open source, cross-platform commands for working with the Azure Platform. The Azure CLI provides much of the same functionality found in[…]


A Complete List of Web Development Tools

Thank you for your feedback on my last week’s post ‘A Complete List of Windows Development Tools’.  I’d like to share a list of web development tools this week.  Again, the most popular and useful tools are highlighted.  Please suggest any other tools in the ‘Comments’ and I will add them to the list.    To[…]


A Complete List of Windows Development Tools

I collect tools for Windows Development. The most popular and useful tools are highlighted. Please suggest any other tools in the ‘Comments’. Next week, I will post a separate article about ‘A Complete List of Web Development Tools’ (Update: the post of web development tools is published). I will also have an article about “Data[…]


A Complete List of .NET Open Source Developer Projects

NET Implementations .NET Core – Core .NET Framework C# Native – Compiles C# to native. Cosmos – C# Open Source Managed Operating System, an operating system “construction kit”. Fling OS – C# Operating System designed for people to learn low-level development from. Mono – Cross-platform implementation of .NET Framework. MOSA Project – Managed Operating System[…]


3 Lessons from Hosting WordPress blog in Azure

I am hosting my WordPress website ( in Microsoft Azure.   Microsoft Azure provides a very simple and straightforward wizard that allows you to create a WordPress website with just three clicks.  However, here are 3 lessons that I learnt from doing it.   Lesson 1:  The cost is not just from Microsoft Azure At the[…]


History of Microsoft Vision Statement

The latest vision statement of Microsoft is: To do this, building the best-in-class productivity services and platforms for the mobile-first, cloud-first world is at the heart of Microsoft strategy, with three interconnected and bold ambitions: Reinvent productivity and business processes Build the intelligent cloud platform Create more personal computing   In 2013, Steve Ballmer had[…]


Best Key Phrase Extraction APIs in the Market

Update on 6/30/2015: added Proxem’s API “ontology based topic détection” to the list thanks to Tom‘s comment. Here is a list of machine learning resources that helps to extract key phrases in the input text. Commercial APIs: 1. Azure Machine Learning’s Text Analytics service Text Analytics API is a suite of text analytics services built[…]