A Summary of Things that Microsoft Released Today for Developers: VS2015, .NET 4.6, etc

Visual Studio Visual Studio 2015 Download Here is a list of new features in Visual Studio 2015. Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 Download This update is the latest in a cumulative series of technology improvements and bug fixes for Visual Studio 2013. Periodic updates enable us to enhance and expand both Visual Studio and[…]


The Ultimate .NET Naming Conventions

How do we name objects, classes, interfaces, etc in .NET land? A consistent naming pattern is one of the most important elements of predictability and discoverability in a managed class library. Widespread use and understanding of these naming guidelines should eliminate many of the most common user questions.  For these reasons and also to promote[…]


A Complete List of .NET Open Source Developer Projects

NET Implementations .NET Core – Core .NET Framework C# Native – Compiles C# to native. Cosmos – C# Open Source Managed Operating System, an operating system “construction kit”. Fling OS – C# Operating System designed for people to learn low-level development from. Mono – Cross-platform implementation of .NET Framework. MOSA Project – Managed Operating System[…]