#cplusplus Weekly 20151005 – The Best New C++ Content of the Week

  • Guidelines Take the Garbage Out of Embedded C++
  • Operations on Character Array & Properties of Object Oriented Programming using C++
  • C++ / Qt Developer – Job in Armenia
  • Various Sorting Techniques & Properties of Object Oriented Programming using c++
  • [C++] Blocking Chat Server –
  • [C++] irgendwas::irgendwas() { print(die schelle seines vadders); irgendwas: –

#cplusplus Weekly 20150915 – The Best New C++ Content of the Week

  • C program to convert temperature from Kelvin’s to Celsius | C/C++ programming
  • Embarcadero Lures Millions of C++ and Delphi Developers to Windows 10 with New RAD Product – Mobile Advertising News & Information |
  • [C++] Null-safe pointer –

#cplusplus Weekly 20150907 – The Best New C++ Content of the Week

Welcome to #cplusplus Weekly! Here is a roundup of C++ content from this past week ordered by their social sharing volume.  I manually gather the most shared C++ content in Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. “Junior Software Engineer (C++)”  Publish date: 9/7/2015 Social sharing volume in the past week: “Windows Client C++/C# Software Engineer” Publish[…]


#cplusplus Weekly 20150831 – The Best New C++ Content of the Week

“#cplusplus Weekly 20150825 – The Best New C++ Content of the Week”; “[C++] Super Siêu Nhân HULK –”; “[C++] Fibonacci –”; “C++ developer | Job Opportunity”; “[C++] C++ – SFML – OpenGL hiba –”; “Ingénieur Expert Applications Android (SDK/NDK/C/C++) / Android Application Engineer (SDK/NDK/C/C++) at Genymobile”;


#cplusplus Weekly 20150825 – The Best New C++ Content of the Week

“Traps detection during migration of C and C++ code to 64-bit Windows”; “Когда уже в C++ появится свой менеджер пакетов? Каким видится будущее языка из C++ Standards Committee. Интервью с Эриком Ниблером”; “Lessons on development of 64-bit C/C++ applications (single file)”; “C++ Developer Jobs in Pune”; “[C++] #include class A { public: int a; int b; // comment acceder –”;


#cplusplus Weekly 20150817 – The Top New C++ Content of the Week

Top New Content of the Week: “Researchers win Internet Defense Prize for C++ detection tool”; “DataStax C/C++ Driver: 2.1 GA released!”; “C++ Programming Tutorial For Beginners: Learn C++ in 2 hours – Udemy Coupon – Udemy 100% off Udemy coupon”; “C++ programmer (Terraria)”; “Learn C++ by designing a game | ChalkStreet”;


Best C++ Refactoring Tools (Visual Assist vs. ReSharper C++) in the Market

Visual Assist and ReSharper C++ are the best C++ Refactoring Tools in the market.  Here is a personal comparison of the tools in terms of performance, features, stability, etc. Visual Assist (VA) ReSharper C++ Performance VA components are very fast.  Indexing a new solution takes a while, but runs unobtrusively in the background and is[…]


A Summary of Things that Microsoft Released Today for Developers: VS2015, .NET 4.6, etc

Visual Studio Visual Studio 2015 Download Here is a list of new features in Visual Studio 2015. Visual Studio 2013 Update 5 Download This update is the latest in a cumulative series of technology improvements and bug fixes for Visual Studio 2013. Periodic updates enable us to enhance and expand both Visual Studio and[…]


The Ultimate C++ Naming Conventions for Windows Development

A consistent naming pattern is one of the most important elements of predictability and discoverability in C++. Widespread use and understanding of these naming guidelines should eliminate many of the most common user questions.  For these reasons and also to promote maintainability, readability, code reviews, improved learning curves, and improve general efficiency. General Naming Conventions[…]