#PowerShell Weekly 20151005 – The Best New PowerShell Content of the Week

  • Changing Service Credentials Using PowerShell
  • How-to Uninstall Windows 10 Apps With Powershell – ESX Virtualization
  • PowerShell 5.0 Just Enough Administration (JEA) Part 1: Understanding JEA and Configuring the Demo Toolkit
  • A Quick PowerShell Tutorial: Adding a Hyper-V Custom View
  • Practicing PowerShell with Veeam
  • All ways to open PowerShell in Windows 10

#PowerShell Weekly 20150915 – The Best New PowerShell Content of the Week

  • Powershell Netcat: PowerCat
  • Doing More with PowerShell Objects
  • Use a PowerShell FTP script to upload and download files
  • Constant and Read-Only PowerShell Variables
  • ScriptRock Supports PowerShell DSC
  • How to build the appropriate PowerShell parameters
  • Stories from the PowerShell Trenches: Day 4
  • Stories from the PowerShell Trenches: Day 2

#PowerShell Weekly 20150907 – The Best New PowerShell Content of the Week

  • Father of PowerShell promoted to Microsoft Technical Fellow
  • Automating SQL Server Configuration with PowerShell and WMI
  • Add data disks to multiple VMs from PowerShell
  • Tips for Searching for PowerShell History
  • A PowerShell Tip for Selecting Data Easily
  • Manage Clutter by using PowerShell – Office 365 – o365info.com
  • Upcoming features in PowerShell Tools for Visual Studio

#PowerShell Weekly 20150831 – The Best New PowerShell Content of the Week

“Collecting Performance Counters with PowerShell”; “SysAdmin Magazine Special Edition: PowerShell”; “Block PowerShell from Launching via Office Macros and Scripts”; “Ravello PowerShell Module – LucD notes”; “PowerShell Profile Tricks for Better VMware Management”; “How to open an elevated PowerShell prompt in Windows 10”;


#PowerShell Weekly 20150825 – The Best New PowerShell Content of the Week

“Download SysCtr TP3 evaluation VHD´s with PowerShell”; “Fishing for PowerShell: Leveraging Get-Command and Show-Command”; “PowerShell -Like vs -Contains Comparison Operators | 9to5IT”; “Get the Logitech PowerShell Game Controller with Battery for iPhone 5/5s/iPod touch for just $9 – What’s On Iphone”; “LOGITECH Powershell Controller £0.10 (ten pence) @ PCWorld”;


#PowerShell Weekly 20150818 – The Top New PowerShell Content of the Week

Top New Content of the Week: “Get Rid of Windows 10’s Default Apps with PowerShell”; “How to Detect PowerShell Empire with Carbon Black”; “List Drives using Command Prompt and PowerShell”; “(Part 4) Extending Your Datacenter with Microsoft Azure – Using PowerShell to Deploy your Application (Channel 9)”;