Add Custom Post Types to WordPress RSS feed

By default, WordPress feed only contains your ‘post’ content.  For example http://scottge.net/feed has only my blogs posts.  My ‘product’ (custom post type) content is not in the feed. 1. If you want to have a feed for one custom post type, you can use http://<yourwebsite>.com/feed/?post_type=yourcustomposttype.  For example, http://scottge.net/feed/?post_type=product is the feed of my ‘products’. 2.[…]


ASP.NET Weekly 20151005 – the Best New ASP.NET Content of the Week

  • jQuery to show hide password characters in asp.net textbox on checkbox check uncheck
  • ASP.NET – The Best Framework for Creating Enterprise-Class Web Applications
  • New Support for ASP.NET 5 in AWS SDK for .NET
  • Reliable India ASP.NET Hosting :: WindowsASPNETHosting.in VS Inland Host
  • Creating an ASP.NET 5 site with Visual Studio Code – Part 2: Create your Visual Studio Code project using Yeoman – Tobias Zimmergren’s thoughts on technology and business

#JavaScript Weekly 20150915 – The Best New JavaScript Content of the Week

  • Data Structures With JavaScript: Stack and Queue – Tuts+ Code Article
  • Learn it Faster: The Entire JavaScript Language in a Single Image
  • Promises in JavaScript Unit Tests: the Definitive Guide
  • What to look forward to in jQuery 3.0
  • Tracking.js & the computer vision power of JavaScript
  • Chocolat.js – jQuery Responsive Lightbox Plugin

ASP.NET Weekly 20150907 – the Best New ASP.NET Content of the Week

  • Symfony 2 vs. ASP.NET MVC
  • What changes does the new ASP.NET 5 bring with its latest Beta 5 release?
  • Implementing basic Captcha in ASP.NET 5 MVC 6
  • TutsPlus Build a Store With a Payment Gateway in ASP.NET
  • TutsPlus Authentication With ASP.NET Identity
  • Localization in ASP.net
  • Tutsplus ASP.NET MVC for Designers
  • Localization of commonly used contents in an ASP.NET page

#JavaScript Weekly 20150831 – The Best New JavaScript Content of the Week

“5 Questions Every Unit Test Must Answer — JavaScript Scene”; “WebRTC Video Chat in 20 Lines of JavaScript (Part 1)”; “JavaScript Workflow Automation Using Grunt and Gulp – Tuts+ Code Tutorial”; “Creating a Web App From Scratch Using AngularJS and Firebase: Part 8 – Tuts+ Code Tutorial”; “Creating your own browser with HTML and JavaScript”;


ASP.NET Weekly 20150831 – the Best New ASP.NET Content of the Week

“ASP.NET 5 buildpack updates for beta6 support – BlueMix Dev”; “Using jquery ui autocomplete with ASP.NET 5”; “Publishing an ASP.NET 5 (vNext) Application”; “Build a Web Game in an Hour with Visual Studio and ASP.NET”; “ASP.NET 5 and MVC 6 : New Kid On The Block – Oğuz Köroğlu”; “Custom View Engine in ASP.NET 5”; “Best Cheap Ajax Hosting | Best Cheap Hosting ASP.NET Reviews”;


#JavaScript Weekly 20150825 – The Best New JavaScript Content of the Week

“A simple AngularJS – Node application in Bluemix – BlueMix Dev”; “AngularJS: Index and Supercharge Your SEO | DOZ”; “Migrating a Spring Web MVC application from JSP to AngularJS”; “Why Learning Javascript and CSS Won’t Make You the Best Web Designer”; “A Guide to Vanilla Ajax Without jQuery”; “Four excellent Javascript Frameworks for developing your own games”;


ASP.NET Weekly 20150825 – the Best New ASP.NET Content of the Past Week

“PHP vs. ASP.NET: What Do You Need to Know? -“; “3 Ways To Receive Data From “”Postbacks”” in ASP.NET MVC”; “ASP.net Webform vs ASP.net MVC”; “Best Cheap Entity Framework 7 Hosting | Best Cheap Hosting ASP.NET Reviews”; “New features in ASP.net web API 2.1”; “What is Scaffolding in ASP.NET MVC and advantages of using it?”;


#JavaScript Weekly 20150818 – The Top New JavaScript Content of the Week

Top New Content of the Week: “4.0 is the new 1.0 — Node & JavaScript”; “A Javascript State of the Union”; “Relay | A JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications”; “Localizing Times in JavaScript | CSS-Tricks”; “jQuery Tutorial – javatpoint”; “Airtel JavaScript Code Injection Discussed in Parliament”;


ASP.NET Weekly 20150817 – the Top ASP.NET Content of the Week

Top New Content of the Week: “Reverse Package Search – the “Unofficial” Secret Weapon for ASP.NET 5”; “ASP.NET Self Host Static File Server – CodeOpinion”; “Active Query Builder ASP.NET Editon 2.9 has got new flex design!”; “Best Cheap ASP.NET 4.6 Hosting | Best Cheap Hosting ASP.NET Reviews”; “301 Redirect Non WWW to WWW Using Web.config in ASP.Net – Nitesh Luharuka”;


Reverse Package Search – the “Unofficial” Secret Weapon for ASP.NET 5

ASP.NET 5 has a number of architectural changes that make the core web framework much leaner and more modular. ASP.NET 5 is no longer based on System.Web.dll, but is instead based on a set of granular and well factored NuGet packages allowing you to optimize your app to have just what you need.  This leaner[…]


Implementing File Upload in ASP.NET MVC 5

I just published a code sample to demonstrate the most basic way to enable file uploading in ASP.NET MVC 5.   It supports both single file uploading and multiple file uploading.   The code sample does not use any 3rd party/jQuery controls. Live Demo: http://demos.scottge.net/ASPNET-MVC5-FileUpload Code Sample Download: http://scottge.net/product/asp-net-mvc5-sample-file-upload/   (The code sample has high quality, and I maintain[…]