Jul 17, 2015

A Complete List of Windows Development Tools

I collect tools for Windows Development. The most popular and useful tools are highlighted. If you observe any tools missing in this list, please submit a Pull Request here.

You can use chocolatey to quickly install most of the tools below. Chocolatey is a Machine Package Manager based on NuGet. It’s somewhat like apt-get in the Linux world. For example, you can install Git tools for Windows by simply typing the command ‘choco install git’ in chocolatey.

Windows SDK

Visual Studio Tools & Plugins

Code/Text Editors

Code Compare, Cleanup, Sharing and Source Control Tools

.NET Tools

Debugging & Performance Profiling Tools

Decompilation Tools

Testing & Automation Tools

String/Text/Number Tools

File and Disk Tools

Networking & Internet Tools

Process and Memory Tools

Security Tools

Registry Tools

System Tools